on the dole

It´s absolutely astounding how expensive everything in Iceland is.

Everything´s imported so the tariffs drive the price up, but six dollars for a cup of coffee?


Even a chi chi poo poo decaf soy latte at Starbucks isn´t *that* expensive.

Moi and I stocked up on vegetables and tomato sauce (they don´t carry tomato paste) and I´m going to make a soup to last us all week.

Or at least part of it. (We are growing girls, after all.)

I´ll dilute the sauce, don´t worry.

And we have brown flour and apples, so we can make apple bread.

She´s applying for jobs and I´m pleased to announce has ruled out prostitution.

Hooray for Moira.

I, however, am still gainfully unemployed.

Hooray for Sheila.

betholindo at 9:14 p.m.

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