22 September 2004

10, 5, 3 year plan? yeah, right.

So I've decided to move to the City next September.

An American philosophy teacher at the international school here told me that to teach abroad, I need to obtain my certification from my home country.

This means I'm applying to graduate schools only in the U.S. for next year or picking another career.

Rocks, paper, scissors: New York wins, different career loses.

Of the U.S., New York City is by far the most appealing (read: hippest and most stimulating) place for me (although I may apply to one Rhode Island School, for good measure).

This means I'm in the midst of sorting out online applications and financial aid forms.

This means I'm e-mailing former professors to grovel for recommendations, sorting out my undergraduate files, and contemplating the meaning of life, as I have to explain it in 500 words or less in all my personal statements.

This means I'm reading the dictionary to scour every last word commonly and uncommonly used in the English-speaking world, as perfect GRE verbal score = mad scholarships for Sheila.

This means lots of stress and late night coffee, lots of late night coffee and stress.

betholindo at 10:27

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