14 October 2004

may the best man win


What am I doing here?

They have a fake Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe in neon on gauze in their living room, which is littered with dark furniture and marble light fixtures. They told me yesterday that they were disappointed in my skipping my Dutch class to write because isn't learning Dutch the point of my being here.

I look into their eyes and see nothing.

Soul is just one of those things you have to have in order to know what it is.

Or am I just ovely solipsic?



Okay, that was just PMS. I judge when I'm moody. I've got so many mites in my eyes I can't even see straight sometimes.

I wake up, plod downstairs, and make myself coffee with the babies' bottles. I can't even think straight until I have a lightly sweetened cup in my hand.


Happy Birthday, Mom!

I ate too-mayonaisey crab salad and thought of you. Yours was always just right.

I had my work reviewed by the writing group for the first time ever. I even wore makeup to the meeting. It went well; I'll wind up editing loads based on their comments. Super, thanks for asking.

Drank copious amounts of blush wine at late-night cocktail party my host parents threw. Went to bed after multiple calls to boyfriend.


Am actively procrastinating studying Dutch and GRE vocabulary words under the pretense of reading the news online.

Have been reading the news online for two hours now.

Ask me anything.

No, go.

betholindo at 10:55

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