18 December 2005

And the night mare rides on/ With a December black psalm

Once upon a time in my life, you'll find me. Social dynamics and dynamos are fascinating, but I'm still a detached observer. Is this the real true anthropology?

I keep forgetting my dreams when I wake up, but I remember last night's was scatological. Dirk's been writing his down on a pad he got in the welcome bag from my old church the week after Dad's funeral. (Ah, Southern churches and goody bags---lollipops for Christ!) and reading them to me over the phone. Maybe I should do the same. Different paper, though, like in one of the Moleskeins (but do I really want a record of them?).

I haven't been doing as much as I should lately, but I won't let the guilt inside the box (perhaps because the box has been incinerated). This girl I know told me about some double-sided tape that should get my posters to stay up. I should whiten my teeth (enamel versus vanity and there's no right answer).

Sometimes conversations make people leave the room.

betholindo at 22:54

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