18 November 2004

blagging is the new black

Spent the night at his place, watching "She-Devil," that Roseanne movie from the 80s that I used to be obsessed with as a child.

He spent half the movie under the covers screaming "No no no!" and begging to be allowed to leave the room before the commercial break.

Me: "Did you say something?"

Dutch TV stations show all the quality (heh-hem) American movies, so on any given night, we get to see the unedited (i.e. including boobies and the F-word) version of some long-forgotten flick.

In other entertainment news, I scored a press pass for the Amsterdam film festival.

To blag or not to blag, that is the new question.

P.S. What does it mean that the boyfriend preferred Meryl Streep's mean romance novelist over Roseanne Barr/Arnold/whatever's heroine?

betholindo at 09:58

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