24 February 2005

bleeding for money

Chronological again, it seems:

Yesterday a man was walking down my street, crying out, "Help me! Help me!" He held a tissue to a gash on his forehead.

I stopped my bike, asked him what had happened, didn't understand, asked him to switch to English. He came closer and I saw that his cheeks were sunken and he had snot running down to his mouth.

All I heard next was "AIDS patient . . . hurt . . . help."

I offered to call 1-1-2 (the Dutch version of 9-1-1).


He said he had already called his doctor and just needed E4.20 for the tram ride and train.

Those numbers and the story stopped making sense.


"I feel like a bum asking you for money."


In my confusion over his, I handed over a five-euro bill. He told me I'm a darling and headed in the opposite direction.


Dirk says he's seen him, that he has a scab on his forehead that he picks. "Bleeding for money," he said.

betholindo at 10:24

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