bling or not

So this is what I had on me when I arrived in London last week:

20 euros

5 American dollars

5 pounds (for the subway, or "tube" as it's called)

500 Uruguayan pesos (like $13 or $14 American)

4 Argentinian pesos*

Holy cow, I really am an immigrant. One day I'll be able to tell my children, "I came to that country with the shirt on my back, albeit designer, and a few dollars, albeit foreign."

*I took the remainders of my American, Uruguayan, and Argentinian money last week to be changed to euros (plus five pounds for England) and 15 of the 19 Argentinian pesos I brought were counterfeit. They keep those. Bummer.

betholindo at 9:54 a.m.

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