17 May 2004

now I just need to find a Blockbuster

I moved in to my new place last night.

Or, rather, Dirk moved my 80-pound suitcase across town and up two flights of stairs while I held open doors and carried my backpack.

The room is spacious (okay, HUGE) with large windows, a bed, loveseat, desk, bookshelves, and the like.

And and and a TV *with* a VCR.

We've been talking about the VCR for weeks, since I got the new au pair job.

Who cares about the hours and pay?

I've got a VCR!

His apartment has a DVD player in the computer, but it's a hassle to set up near the bed.

But now *my* place has a VCR.

And I know it's sooo 80s to be extremely excited about a VCR (built into the TV!), but it's been so long since I've watched movies in bed that I just can't help it.

I scorn those crazy new age DVD players and their lack of a rewind button.

betholindo at 11:49

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