06 August 2006

check, check, check

Subtropics: a blast of heat whenever we leave the air-conditioned guest room. We went to IKEA, Carrefour (like a French Wal-Mart), Decathon (sports equipment), and a fancy expat grocery store (for booze and taco seasoning)---we bought everything (de facto, I suppose, when setting up an apartment from scratch) and it'll all be delivered tomorrow. They were all air-conditioned, which is also great.

Oh, and the Boy ordered perforated metal blinds from an old Chinese lady, also to be delivered. His language skills are far better than he thought.

At an Internet cafe now---the heat drains out all energy, but we fill up on Tsingtao beer and jasmine tea (to drive away the heat). The Boy wants to buy a laptop right away, as our shipment may not arrive until October (bizatch), so we should have better access to the larger world by this time next week.

Foot massages next. Then more shopping (entire days taken up debating products and subtracting discounts- days, I tell you), perhaps for clothes this time (as we only have what we brought with us in the backpacks on the Trans-Siberian Railroad).

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