clean water

The best thing about the Netherlands is Dirk, obviously.

But the second best thing is completely amazing as well: namely, it doesn't smell like rotten fishheads and shark (Icelanders love that stuff) or that rotten-egg stinkiness from all the sulfur in the water.

I always felt like I needed a shower after taking a shower.

And the Blue Lagoon, which is supposed to be the most amazing hot springs in the world, smelled like a cross between rotten eggs and New York subway urine.

As I was soaking, I realized that the Blue Lagoon was the exact location where everyone in the world with any sort of skin malady comes to ease or cure their diseases. And I was swimming in this same funky gunky psoriasis-ridden water while putting a silt mudmask on my face.


I booked it to the steam room, which was a step up as far as my pores were concerned.

During a hurricane. Did I mention that, that Moira and Harris and I decided to bathe there during a hurricane?

I showered off (in the rotten-egg water) and we left for the Keflavik airport.

The mud masks made my skin raw and the water turned my hair into straw.

So this was the condition in which Dirk first saw me, after two and a half months of not seeing me.

So hot, I am.

betholindo at 11:18 a.m.

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