26 January 2005

Club Sportive

Yeah, and-

I joined a gym.

Sunday I went to the Open House Party at the gym that's a street over from Dirk's.

It was about as lame as braces with rubber bands. The track lighting was actually yellow (YELLOW!) and made everyone look like they had the flu. And the bottled water they served tasted like sand.

So on Monday I went to the super duper fancy place where even the janitor has a rock body for my free trial day.

Tuesday I signed up at this place and they did a hand scan and a retinal scan* and I worked out again.

Today I met with a physical trainer (For free! "Free" as in "no charge"!), who told me that no, no, 27% body fat is completely within the normal range** for a woman my age.


Robin (that's my trainer) then proceeded to lead me through a series of machines designed to hurt me.

And everytime I did the set correctly on the first try, he'd say, "No, no, that's not hard enough for you. Let's add more weight."

And I'd say, "Okay, I was just thinking that myself. I wasn't working hard then at all."

Lie, lie, lie.

And so on and so forth until he had translated all the buttons on all the cardio machines for me and told me that it's okay to cry after my first Spinning class.

Then I went home and ate four sandwiches and a candy bar.

Damn straight.

In related news: I've lost a kilo and a half in the last week, so I'm winning the race against my boyfriend.

Whoop whoop!

*Just kidding about the last scan. But wouldn't that be cool?

**Apparently 23-30% is normal. Oh-kay then.

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