coffee etc.

Lately I've taken up a very grown-up habit: drinking coffee.

It doesn't make a lick of sense. I mean, c'mon, roasted BEANS?

And has anyone ever thought about what it is they're actually drinking? It's dark brown, yellows your teeth, gives you headaches, and is terrible for your liver and kidneys.

Yet in recent weeks people have been pushing cups of it into my hands.

It started with Moira, so I blame her completely; she served me up a cup of extra extra (extra sugar and extra milk) from Bess Eaton* on our way to the airport last week.

And since then it's been akin to my theory on tattoos: no one ever gets just one. They say they only want one, but it's addictive.

*Bess Eaton is a local coffee and doughnut chain, rival to the almighty and omnipresent Dunkin' Donuts. They put Bible verses on every available surface and their food stinks dirty socks. Peetie and I have a pact to never spend money there under any circumstances.

betholindo at 10:21 a.m.

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