08 June 2006

compound -DEET

So visa applications are a bitch, but I ordered 20 passport-size photos this afternoon. This means I can submit my Chinese visa for next-day processing tomorrow, next-day really meaning Monday. I won't have time for the visas for Russia or Belarus before I leave for the Netherlands, but I can get those in the Hague and the one for Mongolia at the border.

I met a guy at school today, Peter, who'll be the new college counselor for the high school in Shanghai. I'll be teaching middle school humanities, so we'll get to have lunch together.

Peter wants more trees on the campus and to help the school build up its reputation. I'm just psyched they ordered my books and that I get my own classroom.

Peter said to bring a mosquito net because there's a stream running through the compound.

(The compound.)

Dirk said he already has one, so between that and our various immunizations (like tick-encephalitis for Mongolia), we should be all set.


betholindo at 22:32

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