Hair of the dog that bit you

Nothing like a little morning beer with breakfast.

Arrived safe and sound in Buenos Aires last night and went shopping for a place to lay my head.

Found it - and some Irish girls.

Now, I've never spent the night downing cervezas with an Irish Irish lass, let alone three of them.

Irish-Americans, yes. But an actual conceived, born, and bred Dubliner: no.

Irish Irish girls can DRINK.

I mean, we all know the Irish like to kick it, but it's different when you're actually watching mass quantities of booze disappear.

And they barely even had a buzz on.

I kept up, but only because my glass was half the size of theirs. And I think I was feeling much more warm and fuzzy than they were.

We, with the help of two yummy looking Dutch boys, almost cleaned out a refrigerator of beer.

And it wasn't one of those minifridges either.

betholindo at 11:21 a.m.

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