30 December 2005

do this

I believe in particles. I believe in saying "thank you" to water and in wrapping myself in a cocoon of myself, iPod juiced and stomach full, watching the world from behind dark sunglasses. I believe in atoms splitting and I believe in open heart, but am discouraged when talking about open minds. I want to smoke and drink and try shrooms for the first time. Not yet.

What did Christmas mean to me? Christmas was communion of slugburgers from Mississippi and shots of sake in Amsterdam. Why do people ask leading questions in a car, when there's no eject button save for the highway? And that would just be too destructive, even for me.

Do this in remembrance of me. I take issue, so I edit. Pronoia is the everlasting belief that the whole universe is conspiring for you.

Tonight my boyfriend's family takes me on a ten-day snowboarding trip to the Alps. It will be better than I imagine. Dirk says they eat chocolate sandwiches for lunch.

I believe in water particles.

betholindo at 11:25

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