"Get away from me you dirty bastard!"

What this country needs is a giant OFF button for the men.

So I'm walking down the street and some guy turns around to start walking and talking with me, which is fine. The first time it happened, I was even flattered.

Next thing I know, he's following me around in stores, won't leave me alone, no matter how much I tell him to stop bothering me. And this happens *every* time I go anywhere.

I talk to them like they are children, which is particularly degrading from me because I don't even talk to children like they are children. "Okay, I'm going to go into the restaurant and when I come out, you won't be here" or "You're offending me. You need to think about how your actions are making me uncomfortable."

What's amazing is that it doesn't work unless I call them names ("get away from me you dirty bastard" is my new favorite phrase in Spanish), and even then, some find it encouraging (particularly if others are watching because then they don't want to lose face).

Apparently that's how men in Uruguay hit on women: they pester them to death until the women give in---"fine, I will go dancing with you. Will you promise to leave me alone now?" And then suddenly, the women up and find themselves married.

If they were dogs yipping and nipping at me, I'd kick them.

(I'd do it anyway, but I don't know enough about the penal code here in Uruguay.)

betholindo at 5:01 p.m.

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