tight economy

The term "salad days" is defined as "a time of youthful inexperience, innocence, or indiscretion."

Last week before I quit I spent an evening drinking cheap English wine and e-mailing all my former bosses to tell them how much I love them.

I hinted that I'd be leaving soon, although I didn't realize it would be the next day, and was all, "I'll be in town in June and I could help out, not that I need to, but, like, if you *wanted* me to, then, like, I could, and that would work out, but, like, only if you needed me."

Am trying to find a job for the month of May in Amsterdam so I don't have to switch my plane tickets (i.e. pay a lot a lot a lot of money). No bites yet, although a few prospects for July.

betholindo at 3:53 p.m.

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