Einstein didn't know about us

So we've somehow become that couple that everyone loves to hate, the one that stares at each other googly-eyed and that's always holding hands, fingers laced.

We go out to dinner for three, four, five hours at a time. And if we decide to stay in, we're too busy kissing to fool with anything but cheese sandwiches or Dutch chocolates.

On the train to Berlin, he was napping and I was reading, legs and arms tangled. An elderly couple stopped in the aisle to smile down at us. He reached back for her and she gave him a knowing look.

And time somehow always seems to bend around us.

We were late for our train back home, to Amsterdam. He was navigating the Berlin train station like an old hand and I was sprinting behind him. He hurdled a suitcase; I screamed at the people blocking us from the platform. We had less than half a minute to make it from one side of the completely unfamiliar station to the other, him guessing at the train's location.

We made it, the doors closing on my backpack.

And it's difficult to explain the timing of how we met, for a few days in a few cities in South America, running into each other and leaving messages at each other's hotels.

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The laws of physics and probability and time bend here.

betholindo at 2:02 p.m.

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