31 October 2006

escape hatch

Logged onto facebook, that highschoolcollegegradschool mixer and changed my status from "in Shanghai" to "looking for a job . . . again."

It's not that I'm on facebook all the time (ever?) like an undergrad, but my status there (which hadn't changed in months) is a good indicator of how I'm doing. And it's not a bad way to see how my friends (who I never write or call) are doing. Last year, my status was always set to "studying in the library." But this year, I feel like I work two jobs: teaching and everythingelsetheytellmetodo.

So, after dropping Mandarin (which is, afterall, essential to getting by in Shanghai) and realizing that I still hadn't FedExed my mother's birthday present, showered in a couple of days, or had more than grunts as conversation with Dirk, I magically discovered that putting up with all the extra work responsibilities just isn't worth it.

So instead of complaining about it any further, I'm going to update my resume and portfolio this weekend and start setting up job interviews before November is over.

Dirk bought the local guide to international schools, a thick tome that gives me a stack of addresses of schools that probably need qualified English teachers. Meanwhile, I found out through a colleague that I'm not *actually* working for an international school; I work at a local Chinese school that charges tuition and that just pretends to be something it's not. But that it told me it is.

Anyway, Dirk's home, so I'm going to go spend some quality time with him. Maybe even have an actual conversation.

betholindo at 18:46

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