eye candy in the park

So after polishing off my Christmas shopping and buying some more postcards, I stopped in the park to admire the Christmas tree.

The plaza is no Rockefeller Center and the tree is plastic, but that's part of the charm.

A choir of cute boys was singing Christmas carols, so I sat down to listen.

And look, naturally, as they were very cute.

Then an even cuter boy sitting next to me told me he was a member of the church that sponsored the choir.

Wait, what? There's a church full of cute boys my age in this town and I didn't know about it all this time?

That won't do.

So we started talking about the States and he told me he plans to be a missionary there. He added that all the singers on stage were missionaries.

Even better: cute boys who won't try to get in my pants.


Then he told me he wants to study at this private university in Utah, but he couldn't remember the name of the school.

"Brigham Young?!"

That's right: the cute boys were friggin' Mormons.

Mormons. Just my luck.

P.S. I may have spoiled him, as I asked him lots of questions about the validity of blood atonement (that's right kids, my Spanish really *has* improved) and Adam as an alien that he couldn't answer. He just scratched his chin and said, "yes, that is a problem. I may have to ask my pastor about it."

betholindo at 8:39 p.m.

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