Gin makes people happy

I went through half the bottle of duty-free gin with a photographer named Hudson on the train from the City to Westerly, Rhode Island.

We helped me with my bags (on and off the train) and offered to trade me Junior Mints for shots. (I declined.)

As I was digging through my backpack for some change for some tonic, I discovered a roll of silver dollars my mom had given me in case of an emergency.

This qualified as an emergency.

However, had I found it sooner, I could have taken a cab to Penn Station, caught the earlier train, and arrived in Westerly three hours prior.

But after my second drink, I didn't really mind so much.

After all, I was drinking gin with a cute photographer from Boston.

And gin and cute boys make me happy.

betholindo at 4:20 p.m.

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