20 December 2005

grandeur, motherfucker

People replacing other people, delete here, insert there---what am I supposed to do with this information?

People are strange when you're a stranger-

I'm a good girl who eats spinach salads and writes her final papers on time and Gets It Done and tries not to make people uncomfortable. Mostly.

Faces look ugly when you're alone-

The past isn't even past yet and there isn't anything that alcohol can't cure except maybe alcoholism. And I would turn to it right now if I didn't have that one last final breathing down my neck because sometimes I'm a mess. And sometimes = usually. If I had more money, I'd drink more than I eat. Sometimes sometimes sometimes something.

Women seem wicked when you're unwanted-

And I think the New York MTA strike is funny. I think it's funny to see the streets filled with cars. "It's a parking lot out here," this guy in a rusted mustard yellow Mustang said to me. He was trying to get my attention, make me smile, self stimulate like an autistic rocker.

Streets are uneven when you're down-

I'm taking kickboxing at the gym next semester. My friends are going the salsa/merengue route, but I have too many aggression issues. And the atoms dancing around my head aren't consolation enough anymore, not matter how grand Gerard Manley says they are. I need to hold my Tourette's off till that last final is in.

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