granja de animales

The field trip was a huge success:

The children got to feed baby goats and pet a giant rabbit (they like their small animals Big here) and learn about almond trees. There were ostriches, ducks, and chickens. They laughed at the pigs (also gigantic) and took my cue to run (quickly, I might add) from the nutrias.

The air smelled like Thai basil (my favorite spice, right alongside horseradish) as it was everywhere the eye could see, so the children released its scent into the air with every step.

They climbed eucalyptus trees and played tag in a forest of bamboo. Then they ate a communal lunch on this one long picnic table and danced when I sang the alphabet song (they think it's called the "por favor" song because I always make them say "please" before I do something for them, and they ask me to sing the ABCs a *lot*).

No one got motionsickness and no one had to be put into time out.

The whole day: no time out!

betholindo at 1:34 p.m.

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