02 January 2007

green in the red

They trimmed the birch trees here (which in China means they cut them in half), so I can now see my classroom window from the kitchen, which even my students think is overly UpClose and Personal. I can now see two Pudong skyscrapers instead of a piled-high row of leafy goodness (which was probably the best part about our apartment - that we didn't have a view of other apartments from both sides). At least, that is, I can see them when the air is free from smog and burning-tires-smoke, which isn't often.

Meanwhile, in Qingdao, a crew spray-painted the lawns green because they were looking kind of yellow. Because it's winter.

The school's office of general affairs waters the soccer fields with water from the canal that has all the dead fish in it. The one that's fenced off so that children won't get near it.

And there are even more construction sites in Puxi jumping on the "Healthy City, Healthy Life" campaign by putting up posters of flowers and palm trees where hutongs used to be and where skyscrapers will be.

Ah, nature.

betholindo at 21:42

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