31 May 2004

"Happy" and "lucky" are the same word in Dutch.

Today I discovered that I have more money in my account than I thought I did.

I thought I had, like, four dollars.

But I have more than four dollars due to an temporary accounting glitch (i.e. I owe my sister some bling when I get home because she paid the phone bill for me.).

I immediately reverted to adolescence and bought:

Rainbow Chips Ahoy Deluxe from the expat grocery store plus rubber bands and index cards (for learning Dutch),

and a Supersized Whopper Value Meal from Burger King (I still can't believe I have to pay extra for ketchup),

and a frilly yellow shirt,

and dangly turquoise shell earrings that are borderline trashy,

and minutes for my cell phone,

and lots and lots of Coca-Cola (my host family is too healthy to buy soft drinks).

Oh, and Bacardi Limon malt liquor.

Just because the weather's so nice.

So now I'm fat and well-dressed and extremely, supremely happy.

betholindo at 15:14

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