hide and seek

The children and I spent all our free time in Grandma's indoor swimming pool in Dorset.

This was because Grandma is wicked and evil and tried to feed them eggshells with mustard to strengthen their teeth, so we ran and hid.

(She also claims her kidney cancer was cured by eating only grapes for six weeks, so it's like the cure-all for everything. Got a cold? Eat grapes. Menstrual cramps? Grape juice is the answer. Sarah, I mean, Samantha, I mean, Shelly, I mean, Sheila, eat some grapes for your acne.)

And between the Portugese music station, the sun streaming through the windows, and the ants crawling all over everything, I could almost pretend I was in Ipanema or something.


I did have to make sure the children didn't drown themselves.

betholindo at 9:48 a.m.

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