22 February 2005

hookey (or, a mental health night)

So the parents of the children I nanny got back in from skiing in Austria on Sunday night. I stayed in and collapsed Monday night after watching the documentary "Don't Fuck with the Lewises," which I'm glad I didn't pay money to go see at the IDFA.

Not that I actually paid for tickets at the IDFA (because I blagged my way into a press pass), but still-

Tonight I'm staying in from my writing group because I want to wear my olive Sheila-from-the-Block velour pajamas (okay, in America it'd be a hooded track suit) and make comfort food at my boyfriend's house and not talk to anyone.

There has been some stress in the past week, like how there are *some* bicycles in this country.

betholindo at 14:05

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