Saddle up:

09/06 - present: Teaching at a private international school in Shanghai. Vacations in Sanya, Beijing, Suzhou, Hebei (the hotel employees couldn't find our exact location on the map), and THE PHILIPPINES (yay: scuba diving!).

06/06 - 09/06: Five week vacation. Trans-Siberian railroad with Dirk---Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China. Destination Shanghai, where we'll be living and working as of mid-August.

09/05 - 06/06: Grad student at Columbia University. Vacations in Amsterdam, Zermatt (Switzerland), Israel, and Spain.

07/05 - 09/05: Tennessee and Rhode Island. Quantum physics. No shit.

01/05 - 06/05: Back in Amsterdam nannying for four more months. Working some in Stiffkey, England (05/01-16). Vacations in France, China, Belgium, and Spain.

12/22/04 - 01/09/05: Home for the holidays. Rhode Island = home. Working Christmas Eve and Day at my old waitressing job 'cause I'm po'. Snowboarding in Vermont.

7/01/04 - 12/22/04: Au pairing in Amsterdam (same children as in May). Three week holiday at the beach in the UK with the host family in August.

6/08/04 - 6/30/04: Rhode Island coast visiting Peetie and friends. Maui, Hawaii, with family for brother's wedding.

5/16/04 - 6/08/04: Au pairing for a family in the Old South district of Amsterdam. Dutch lessons.

4/21/04 - 5/16/04: Netherlands with Dirk again. In town for Queen's Day (April 30), the biggest party of the year in Europe. Spacecake and movie stars.

3/26/04 - 4/21/04: Nannying in London for what turned out to be druggies. Booked it out of there on a flight to Rotterdam. No more weekends in the English countryside for me. No, sir. I like my job boring and my life exciting.

3/07/04 - 3/25/04: Touristing around Holland and eating my way through Amsterdam and Berlin with Dirk (the cute boy I met in Buenos Aires---the one who didn't flick his boogers at me).

3/01/04 - 3/07/04: Visiting Moira, the International Phallological Museum, and hot springs in Reykjavik, Iceland. Land of fire and ice.

2/19/04 - 2/29/04: Rejuvinating in my home town of Memphis, Tennessee. Weekend in Jupiter, Florida.

12/25/03 - 2/19/04: Working my tuckus off in Rhode Island and living on my little sister's couch in the twilight zone of role reversal.

12/24/03: Miami in layover hell.

12/15/03 - 12/23/03: Vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Punta del Este, Uruguay (South American resort town). "Infra equinoxialem nihil peccari."

10/29/03 - 12/15/03: Teaching kindergarten at a school for impoverished children in Montevideo, Uruguay.

10/25/03 - 10/29/03: Whistlin' Dixie (driving cross-country to Tennessee and Mississippi and then waiting to leave).

10/17/03 - 10/24/03: Back in Rhode Island, but for a impromptu weekend in New York City.

10/11/03 - 10/16/03: Visiting Moira in Halifax, Nova Scotia (that's in Canada); she told me to bring her a surprise, so I brought her mother.

past - 10/05/03: Restaurant work by the coast of Rhode Island with overnights in Manhattan and the Berkshire Mountains.

I was born in Miami, Florida, but grew up primarily in Memphis, Tennessee (secondarily in San Antonio, Tampa, small town Mississippi and a farm in South Dakota; 11 schools in 13 years). Southern manners and girls' school trauma.

Moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, for college when I was eighteen. Did time in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, for graduate school, but happily dropped out.

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