I'm just frontin'.

So last week this page clocked a ton of hits for about a day.

Then I discovered that it was being monitored by the US Department of Justice, among other branches of government.

(I freaked out a little a la Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy" because I had just mentioned my spacecake misadventures at that point.)

But today, I found out it's just some dope trash talking my page on a Pro-America message board.

There's no point to all my "crap," that's all.


I was afraid this was all going into a coded file somewhere to be held against me in a court of law.

I can handle being meaningless and pointless, but not winding up behind bars.

(Although I do marvel at the superfluousness of teenage girls slashing their wrists and starving themselves on Diaryland. I would join them, but I have so much fun eating all my vegetables and laughing at funny things. Just because I'm not a tortured soul doesn't mean I'm a bad person.)

betholindo at 6:20 p.m.

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