08 February 2005

KLM airmiles

Time is stretching and bending again. It's speeding up now and won't slow down for a few months.


We booked tickets for two weeks in China: Shanghai, then Nanjing and two towns neither of us have ever heard of but that have beautiful temples and gardens.

("You really must go see them.")

We're staying at the conservatory of music for about 10 euros a night each.

(What is that in dollars these days?)

Shanghai is an urbanist's dream: design, build, christen with the broken backs of poorly paid peasant laborers, start over again.

(We've heard it's hard to get things done there.)

We'll make appointments for informational interviews: him for architecture firms, me for international schools.

(We want to see if we could do it, if we could maybe possibly live there after I graduate.)

I'm going to buy chopsticks and practice.

(Like how last year I learned to eat with my fork always in my left hand and my knife always in my right.)


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