it's legal here

Part of a letter to Moira, who will be trading Iceland for Rhode Island tomorrow:

Had the best three days of my entire life. (Two of which were spent recuperating.)

Two words:

Space Cake.

Yowsers, you have got to try this stuff sometime. I mean, I've smoked everything at some point of another (I *did* go to college, afterall), but man alive, Queen's Day was brilliant.

Amsterdam is all Quentin Tarantino says it is *and* a bag of chips.


Man. I get Rastafarianism now. World peace. Irie, mon.

Whoa. Space Cake.

War *ON* drugs?! I mean, what?

Whoa. Space Cake.

And it was E2.50, perfect for my budget.

Whoa. Space Cake.

So when are you coming over?

x o


betholindo at 10:35 a.m.

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