21 December 2005

lime, salt, and a blood transfusion

So tonight in class we did tequila shots, complete with lime wedges and organic salt, all courtesy of Sara.

I cried four times, which is both a personal and a school record.

Related news: the mayor of New York has issued a state of emergency for blood donations. The city's almost out and when they run out, cancer patients start dying.

So I scheduled an appointment to donate for tomorrow morning in midtown east, which is about a three-mile walk with a cut through the park. Afterwards, I'll go to the last day of my student teaching, which is another mile, then half a mile north to the Museum of Natural History to meet up with friends, then a mile and a half north home. I'm skipping the tree in Rockefeller Center, which makes me sad, but helping cancer patients trumps that. Beatch.

I'm not supposed to eat fatty food or drink alcohol for 24 hours in advance of the appointment, so some skinny ass cancer patient's going to get a little tipsy and a little fatter from my blood.

It's sort of poignant. It will have been six months to the day.

Sara wrote that in high school, I would have been "the suspiciously energetic president of the Student Council Charity Committee, the Prom Committee, and the Say No To Drugs Task Force," but that "after being discovered snorting No Doz in the back of AP Semantics," I'd be "sent to the guidance counselor's mandatory Drugs Are Bad weekend retreat with . . . all the other fuck-ups who get high behind the art building."

I'm already mentally masterbating about the drug possibilities waiting for me in Amsterdam next week. I realize that this is uber-American, but it's been a long semester and I just really want to get really high.

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