18 December 2005

a line allows progress

My watch broke Wednesday when I was pulling together a final paper in the library.

It's a $1.99 Sponge Bob watch that Dad bought last Christmas. He was making a point, as I thought that there was No Way you could buy someone a decent Christmas present for $2 or less *without* regifting. Most of us on the ski trip got one---he had eaten Whopper Value Meals until he couldn't look at a burger anymore.

$2 was the original price limit. It had been raised, by me, to $10, as $2 = 1.5 euros, which is enough for exactly two stroopwaffels, which I had decided was not enough of a gift. And homemade ornaments don't cut it after, like, the third grade.

So the digital display stopped working. Dirk said he and his industrial engineer brother will fix it. I said it can't be fixed, that the watch face is one piece of sealed plastic, Sponge Bob on one side, the clock part on the other.

I used to look at my left wrist for the time. I still do, but now every time I think "Dad" instead registering "12:55" or something.

This leads to bumbling over distraction, space cadetedness, and general lack of progress, none of which are helpful during aforementioned finals. Dirk said he can fix it, but I think he's wrong.

betholindo at 15:54

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