04 April 2007

hock a lugie?

Shanghai's air toxicity level hit a seven-year record on Monday.

Two of my students didn't have their homework today because they had asthma attacks last night.

It's not like Beijing where when I blow my nose, the boogers are black. But there's always a thin layer of soot in the house when we come back from a vacation. And there are commercials on the subway TVs for lozenges and medicinal drinks that unclog your lungs.

After next school year, which is when we will have spent our requisite two years here, we probably will have had it with the pollution. We won't be finished with Asia and will probably shoot for a move to Hong Kong, but the air quality issue isn't going away.

It's funny: after being here for awhile, you don't blame Chinese people anymore when they spit. There's a high correlation between the pollution level and the phlegm problem.

betholindo at 16:33

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