18 November 2004

lunch or snack?

How to lunch like the Dutch:

1. Take a piece of bread, butter it, then put a single (for emphasis, SINGLE!) slice of either a) gouda cheese or b) lunch meat, on it.

2. Repeat once or twice.

3. Smack your lips and say, "wow, that was so much food! I'm so full! Well, back to work!"

4. Drink coffee or water, but only after the meal. Soda would be luxuriously scandalous.

How to do lunch, Sheila-style:

1. Rifle through refrigerator and put everything edible and not past its expiration date between two slices of toasted bread with mayonaise (notnotnot butter).

2. Have diet Coke (Coca-Cola Light here).

3. And probably chips.

4. And maybe some chocolate.

5. Dillydally as long as possible before getting anything done again.

betholindo at 11:32

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