Louisada, our tour guide this afternoon, brought us by the Plaza de Mayo. Historically, this is where all the demonstrations in Argentina have always taken place.

She advised us to to avoid it like the plague plus SARS on Saturday as there are plans for massive rioting.

She pointed out the hundreds of police officers patrolling the area (as if she needed to).

This Saturday three years ago millions rioted in front of the Casa Rosada because of the country's economic collapse.

Police officers killed 20 people and injured thousands more.

In one of the art museums I visited yesterday there was an installation about this. One element of the visuals was video footage of police brutality.

And Argentinians feel it's important not to forget such injustices. And they're still upset about the financial state of things.

And many of them have nothing to lose.

I'm glad I'll be sipping margaritas and checking out cabana boys at the beach in Uruguay.

betholindo at 5:05 p.m.

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