I went to McDonald's again yesterday.

Yes, I know, I'm supposed to be experiencing a foreign culture.

But it was raining. And I was cold. And I had a hankering for food fried in animal fat (they still do that at McD's here) since I don't eat meat. And I never go in the States, so it sort of is foreign for me.

The food: the fries taste like steak (see aforementioned animal fat comment) and everything is offered with a side of fried spinach balls. (Ba-dum-bump.)

The salad was incredible: mesclun greens, etc. with prepackaged olive oil and vinegar on the side, all served in a cracker bowl.

With fish sticks. Because I haven't had fish sticks in ages.

The music: Eminem uncensorsed mixed with Buena Vista Social Club.

The employees: fresh-faced youths who would appear in McDonald's commercials in the States, but never actually work in one. (I think it must be a good job here, as the newest member on staff I saw had been there four years, as evidenced by their nametags.)

betholindo at 6:17 p.m.

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