as the conductor says at the tube

What I read on the ad space for Poems on the Underground yesterday while on the London tube:

I May, I Might, I Must

"If you tell me why the fen/ appears impassable, I then/ will tell you why I think that I/ can get across it if I try."

(Marianne Moore 1887-1972)

I'm in Amsterdam with Dirk now.

I'm happy again. And safe.

I quit the nannying job yesterday, packed my bags, and bummed a ride off the construction workers upstairs.

They hate the mother too. She's always yelling at them.

After she and I had our mini-showdown, I waved them over to my window and wrote on some notebook paper what happened and asked for a ride to the Shepherd's Bush tube station.

The workers came down one by one and gave me thumbs-up signs and cheered me on.

Dirk booked my plane tickets to Rotterdam and met me (to my surprise) at the airport, which is about two hours from his house in Amsterdam.

I have to figure out the next step, which will be flying back to Rhode Island in a week or two.

In the meantime, I'll focus on interviewing with families in the Netherlands, eating the delicious lasanga Dirk just pulled out of the oven, and shaking the image of Lily clinging to my leg and Archie sobbing.

Mind the gap.

betholindo at 9:09 p.m.

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