05 February 2007

new blue chair

All our friends are out of town this week and for the next two weeks, as school is on holiday for three weeks in honor of Chinese New Year. Golden weeks abound-

Woke up with Dirk (who's not on vacation until next week) and ate granola and yogurt, then went back to bed until 12:12, when he called to say Hello. I pretended I had been awake the whole time, reading a book that reads like I could have written it.

I stayed up, then had lunch (bread and Nutella with Diet Coke), then showered, and I can't stop looking at the little bumps that appear and disappear and reappear all over my skin. I think I'm allergic to the air here.

The sleeping was good because Dirk likes goal-setting vacations, whereas I like goal-ignoring vacations. I'm going to work my way through a few more chapters of Dutch grammar (to slough off the guilt over dumping Mandarin, partially) at the Starbucks by the grocery store. (List: razor blades, peanut butter, nail file, notebook, tortilla wraps.)

I had this homework assignment once for my American History class in which I had to go home and list the contents of my refrigerator. It made sense at the time. A lot of things make sense at the time.

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