26 July 2004

Oz versus Kansas

Life has slowed down again.

Last week it sped up too quickly, with me missing my father's wedding and then my brother's belated wedding reception.

I missed my own birthday party, too.

I am told there was cake: yellow with chocolate frosting, my favorite.

I am told I received money and that my sister is shipping out everything I couldn't fit in my bag or forgot on the way back home.

Home = Amsterdam.

People ask me all the time where in the U.S. I'm from and I say, "all over."

They ask what that means and I rote recite a long list.

They ask where my immediate family lives and I tell them four different states, spread out over thousands of kilometers and three time zones.

Then they ask where I'll spend Christmas and I shrug.

Still trying to make themselves feel better because by this time they're confused at not getting the answer they wanted (which is any answer, really, so long as it's concrete and uncomplicated and preferably someplace they've seen on TV), they ask where home is now.

"Amsterdam, I guess."

betholindo at 12:32

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