I like the pain, it turns me on-

I clocked out yesterday in overtime.

Overtime: how is that possible?

I've only been in Rhode Island for three and a half days.

Every muscle, from my cramped toesies to the spot behind my ears, hurts.

I didn't even know I had muscles behind my ears.

My legs are covered in bruises and it's difficult to climb out of bed (or, rather, the couch) in the morning.

But I'm happy, as my pockets are filled with money that may stop coming after New Year's.

And I'm going to New York tomorrow with my friend Dayton (who was so glad to see me that he picked me up and hugged me for what felt like an hour yesterday; I tried to reciprocate, but proved to be a weakling afterall), so I'm extra happy.

betholindo at 9:13 a.m.

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