15 March 2005


So Paris was everything everyone said it would be: romantic architecture, sumptuous food, loads of tourists.

But what they didn't tell us is that the French are actually really *nice.* Maybe it's because we don't wear GAP sweatshirts with State University baseball caps, but everyone was sincerely helpful.

We also ate to excess.* And by "excess" I mean we tried everything we saw. We also debated the merits of developing temporary bulemia so we could binge some more.

Four croissants, five crepes, two fast food restaurants (I know, I know, but we were driving) and one amazing** dinner later, we're back in Amsterdam.

*Even by American standards.

**By "amazing" I mean it was one of those life-altering events that changes the way you view the world at large. Listing the food (marinated shrimp and cabbage salad, hazelnut-crusted filet of veal with a red potato tureen, chocolate cake with caramel ice cream) means nothing. They're just words. You really have to try them at that exact place and then wonder why everyone hates the French when they should just fly over and dine with them.

betholindo at 10:49

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