How much is my pride worth?

So this morning I thought I had 200 pesos plus bus fare for the day.

As it turns out, someone had stenciled in the extra zeros and I had just glanced at the last bill in my wallet.

That's right: it was 20 pesos, or about 70 cents American. I went to the money changing bank where Larry (the friend of my father's who arranged my house, job, etc.) had made my introduction.

I was all set to go anyway, as I thought I was down to seven dollars, which is about as low as I care to go in a foreign land.

Problem was, they didn't have me on file. And they said Larry would have to come again in person to vouch for my American check.

He's in Memphis, Tennessee.

I pulled out my street map and trudged a few kilometers to the American embassy and pleaded my case. They said that there were no strings they could pull, but they let me use their phone to call home to beg for some Western Union glory.

Everything was fine. My Spanish was perfect somehow and I had been slipping easily between it and English in speaking with the consulate.

So naturally, when my dad picked up the phone I started blubbering like a baby.

The long and the short of it is, Dad saved the day and wired me some dough before I even arrived at the kiosk.

Funny how we regress with our parents. At least I know the dollar amount my pride is worth.

betholindo at 6:14 p.m.

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