27 September 2004


GRE : SAT : Sheila : ______

More consumerism at its finest: spent the weekend with Dirk, alternately window-shopping for lamps for his apartment and lolling about on the futon, reading Flaubert and making GRE vocabulary flashcards.

Flashcards triggered flashbacks: high school hours spent relentlessly drilling for the SAT while juggling homework (now: Dutch classes).

Eight years later: have I really evolved?

A few less zits and a few more passport stamps later, I'm the same person, doing the same thing on the couch or at the kitchen table on a Saturday afternoon.

Flashbacks of flashcards: I know I know this word. I know I made a flashcard for it once upon a time. Why did I forget this word? Why can't I just see a copy of the test in advance? Why don't they just tell me what I need to know?

We bought nothing but index cards (future flashcards) this weekend.

Verdict on much-needed lamp and chair: what's a synonymn for undecided?

betholindo at 12:06

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