10 June 2006

Why do I need TWO rabies shots?

These were in Rome at the airport:

Okay, so I'm really proud of myself for *not* buying the purse or the bag I wanted at the MoMa as well as for *not* buying a gorgeous dress I saw on sale (and am having problems degrading so that I'll hate it) or that *other* gorgeous dress I saw on sale. I'm only only only buying things that I absolutely need for the trip (like Pepto Bismol and cheap sunglasses) and for my health (like fillings and injections). This is especially hard when I see something beautiful (which happens all the time in New York) and I hate to say it, but I'm starting to learn the meaning of the words, "I can't afford that."

Once upon a time, I either had money and spent and saved it (no, really- I dig my retirement fund) *or* I didn't have any money, so spending it was never an issue. But now I have a little money, but I have to save it for the apartment in Shanghai and for food because I don't want to go into forced anorexia somewhere between Belarus and the Gobi.

Damn you, forward thinking!

I'm down to the wire and thank God I have help paying my tuition because immunizations for Japanese encephalitis and rabies and hepatitis A, to name a few, are running me broke.

betholindo at 11:26

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