30 January 2006

with red berries

Special K is the new heroin and I'm getting my haircut in SoHo tomorrow that touts itself as "designer cheap" at $50-60 a cut.

Ah, New York. I remember cutting my hair with a knife over Thanksgiving break. Maybe that's why I need a professional to fix it now. Fifty bucks is painful, though. But I guess I can spare it since I'm borrowing most of my school books from the library this term.

Also, seriously, my caffeine addiction and my Special K NOT a fad diet give my day structure. I would *like* to be student teaching, but ah, well, the hootchie mamas see things otherwise. You bettah be street if you're lookin' at me.

I ice skated in Central Park with middle schoolers last Thursday and didn't stop smiling until my Saturday acupuncture (now *that* was cheap) because I was afraid of hurting myself. My acupuncturist, incidentally, could tell that I had hearing problems as a child and violent nightmares lately from looking at my tongue. She inserted some of the needles under my scalp to calm me down.

Today at the Met I bought flank steak, which felt luxurious. I also had a latte. What is it, bankers talk about art and artists about money? I'm over it and wasn't ever really on it.

betholindo at 21:43

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