02 September 2004


My dance card is filling up: Dutch lessons two nights a week, volunteering as a production assistant for a low-budget Australian film, joining a writer's group and helping start another with a guy who's squatting a nightclub.

I'm still nannying and have actually added another name to my childcare roster. (Which means I can start Western Union-ing money home instead of the other way around, for a change.)

Helped Dirk move out of the apartment with the landlord who used to hover over me while I napped and who dumped his cat with Dirk while he ran off to Italy for a few months.

His new place is four minutes closer to me by bike.

This means I can sleep in four more minutes most mornings.

Have started researching graduate school programs for next year in the U.S. and the Netherlands. Ruled out the UK as the Great Britain Pound = pound of flesh.

Basically, everything I've been working on is finally coming together. It's exhilarating on some level. At least when I'm not too tired to appreciate it.

But really, at the end of the day, I'm just glad I can lay on my back in bed and look at the sky.

betholindo at 09:53

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