20 September 2004

all I want is a sandwich

Okay, so I promised I would do Atkins in a show of solidarity for Charles, my host father. Minout, my host mother, did too, but then sneaked chips while he drank beer under cover.

They promised each other not to rat on each other, but wound up confessing to me like small children.

Whatever happened to sensible meals and working out?

That wouldn't make nice dinner table fodder. The Zone, South Beach, Atkins: all more stimulating than saying you eat healthily and take a multivitamin and hit the gym a few times a week.

Speaking of, I promised myself I'd do some crunches today.

I hate crunches more than anything. I'd rather lift weights or run until my legs fall off than do crunches. But I'll be glad I did afterwards.

This means: Sheila's completely healed!

And I'm not on Atkins on weekends because that would just be crazy.

Not to mention morally wrong.

And that strawberries-and-cream Haagen-Dazs in the freezer looks so inviting.

betholindo at 11:57

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