06 June 2004

Acting our shoe sizes. Our American shoe sizes.

Friday (in Rotterdam):

Gorged myself on popcorn and candy at the third Harry Potter movie with Dirk and his wittle brudder Koen.

I had been sick for over a week, living on apple slices and sports drinks. But Dirk dragged me out, thereby winning mad respect and admiration. Apparently all I needed was a little distraction.

Saturday (in Groningen):

Went to the zoo with Dirk, where I avoided the butt-monkeys (baboons), watched a baby elephant tumble over its mother, kissed in the butterfly garden, and watched penguins respond to my boyfriend's penguin mating call.

(It was amazing. We were in the outdoor and completely deserted breeding area. The males, in particular, were interested in his deep-throated hooting.)

Checked out the Museum of Natural History, where we played with miniature tornadoes and blew fog rings.

Ate tacos and enchiladas at this little Mexican restaurant his family always went to when he was growing up.

You know the place, you really do. Everyone has one of those restaurants that they *always* went to and *always* visit when they're home again. You know, that place where you've tried all the desserts and still remember eating off the kid's menu. Well, this is that place, but for him.

Sunday (driving back to Amsterdam):

Stopped by Dirk's old house, where he discovered that the current residents are parking on the gravel lawn instead of the driveway (ruining it) and that they blocked up the back gate which led to the neighborhood park. We talked about how stupid they must be and he filled me in on all the old neighborhood gossip.

Ice cream on the 19-mile Barrier Dam in the northern part of the Netherlands. The Dam is to prevent flooding with lakes on one side and ocean on the other. The ice cream is for good girls and boys.

Now? Home in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow I pack for my trip back to the States.

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