ohhh, soooo hungry

So Dirk and I have discovered as we've eaten an enormous chunk of Holland's GDP in the past few weeks that there are, in fact, three distinct stages of my personality.

Only three, mind you.

There's "Aauurghhh, ohhhh, I'm so hungry. I think I'll *die* if I don't eat something soon. Ohhh, can't move. Can't see. Mmmm . . . my hands looks tasty. Oh oh oh oh oh."

Then, "I'm happy. This is delicious. People all over the world the past two weeks have been blowing each other up or assassinating somebody, but hey, this pasta is *incredible!*"

Next comes "Ohhhh, I'm so tired. That was so good and now I'm so full. Ohhh, can't move. Need nap. Mmmm . . . that curb looks comfortable. Oh oh oh oh oh."

And the digestive mood swings are absolutely constant. I mean, *constant.*

The poor guy, he probably looks forward to the occasional stony silence that accompanies my PMS.

betholindo at 2:25 p.m.

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